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baron.haiku-os.org vmrepo.haiku-os.org vmdev.haiku-os.org vmweb.haiku-os.org
... is the real, dedicated server on which all these services are running. ... is a virtual machine running the git server (git.haiku-os.org) and the (obsolete) subversion server. ... is a virtual machine running the trac environment (dev.haiku-os.org) ... is a virtual machine running the web environment (www.haiku-os.org)
ssh-fingerprints rsa=0a:37:bc:16:88:55:27:d0:98:9e:61:41:fa:75:39:99 ssh-fingerprints rsa=42:85:91:9f:c7:75:1b:c6:e2:f8:f1:02:c0:05:96:63 ssh-fingerprints rsa=dc:f0:21:f0:f2:7e:ff:e4:50:37:f9:cc:f4:39:2e:1f ssh-fingerprints rsa=aa:39:2f:d9:64:43:d6:06:79:91:2a:0e:22:70:14:db
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